Atkins vs. Keto Diet

There has been a raging battle between keto and Atkins. The struggle has always been which impresses most customers more than the other. Most people have been entangled in the confusion of which of the two offers a low carbohydrate diet. There are similarities and differences between these two diets. The following details is a highlight of the two diets.

Atkins vs Keto Diet

What is a diet?

The definition of a diet is that it is a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

What’s the Atkins diet?

This is a diet that includes proteins and fats as the source of energy minus any food that is rich in Carbohydrates. This diet has worked well with most people and the various studies carried by medical schools have proved this. It consists of four phases:

Induction Phase

This stage only lasts a fortnight. That’s when the weight loss process is attained.

Balancing phase

This phase only tries to find equity between weight loss and carbohydrates intake.

Fine tuning Phase

This is the phase where starch and portions of pasta are gradually introduced in the diet.


Large carbohydrate compounds are included in the diet as long as they don’t effect to weight gain.

What are the Atkins diet pros and cons?


  • The diet is simple to follow as long as you don’t take carbs.
  • A quick fat loss is observed since the body produces ketones.
  • Atkins diet somehow maintains cholesterol levels.
  • The Atkins diet is always a “meat party” for all those who love meat.


  • The Atkins diet can at times cause constipation.
  • The Atkins diet may lead to the development of kidney stones.
  • Ketosis and Atkins diet are always in conflicting terms.

What’s a keto diet?

How does keto develop? Keto is a metabolic state where the body switches to using ketones as the main fuel source. This energy from the ketones is used to keep the body and brain functioning. The basic elements of a keto diet are high amounts of fats, adequate protein and low carbohydrates. The body starts to burn ketones which in turn leads to weight loss, lower glucose levels and less insulin changes.

In simple terms for a keto diet to be effective;

  • There must be a drastic reduction in carbs intake.
  • And an increase in proteins and fats which acts as a source of energy.

Some distinctions are accepted of the diet:

  • High protein-there is a high number of protein compounds involved than the usual standard process.
  • Cyclical-There are times for ketosis and a period for an increased carbs intake.
  • Standard-reduced carb intake, moderate consumption of proteins and an increased intake of fat.
  • Targeted-In case of workouts, carbs may be added in the diet. A point to note is that carbs intake is allowed ONLY during workout periods.

Pros and cons of Keto diet?


  • Keto diet dramatically increases mental functioning- healthy fats in the body ensure a brain function, mood control, and hormone regulation. While on the other hand, sugary or high-carb meals may make you feel exhausted and less alert, in the end, you feel as if you’re crashing down, grumpy and irritated.
  • It assists in heart health- Chances of experiencing diseases like heart attack are immensely reduced.
  • It’s a useful method for weight loss- Eating foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars can lead to the release of insulin hormone by the body so that blood glucose (sugar) can be elevated. Insulin can also be referred to as a “fat-storage hormone” this is because it sends impulses to cells to store the readily to available converted energy as much as possible. The excess energy is stored under the skin adipose (a body tissue that is used for storage of fat), as glycogen from the glucose produced in carbohydrates.

Once carbohydrates are eliminated from the diet and body’s glycogen levels maintained low, then insulin’s release can easily be prevented; hence there will be no fat storage. With less insulin circulating in the bloodstream, this means that the body will be utilizing all the stored glycogen. When small amounts of glycogen are stored in the adipose tissue the more decrease in body weight.

  • Keto diet offers a reasonable amount of energy compared to other diets.
  • Better sleep
  • Increased athletic performance
  • A faster metabolism-A diet that is high in sugar stresses the digestive function; this is because sugar feeds “bad bacteria” which may thrive along the gut. This may lead to the emergence of bacteria’s like IBS, candida virus, and a collection of negative symptoms (“a physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient”). Plenty of healthy fats, proteins, and vegetables can act as nourishment to the digestive tract and decrease the bacterial growth.
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced risk of getting kidney stones.


  • It depends on the state that you are in that will lead you to take supplements.
  • It requires plenty of time and discipline, especially monitoring the amount of food you consume.

Differences between Atkins diet and Keto diet

Proteins intake

  • Atkins diet: Four to six ounces of proteins should be served daily,
  • Keto diet: One gram of protein should be served for each kg bodyweight.

Carbohydrate levels

  • Atkins diet: It varies with changes between phases and then finalizes with a gradual re-introduction.
  • Keto diet: At least every meal should comprise 10% carbs

Carbohydrate monitoring method

  • Atkins diet.Net carbohydrate.
  • Keto diet. Total Carbohydrate.

Time which an Individual should attain ketosis

Which is better?

Somehow all the diets hold on ketosis. A Ketosis diet on the other is very beneficial especially to those that have tried it. The fact that Atkins diet has a potential relapse to return to consuming carbohydrates dramatically turns away some people.

Thinking of getting into a diet is easy, but maintaining a diet is stressful and tiring. Most people don’t find this smooth; they say it’s putting your body under changes for nothing.

To create a more sustainable Atkins diet, creators (companies) are trying to make the above-highlighted phases gentler and kind.

Those who ask if Atkins is a ketogenic diet, well research and various studies carried out to prove that it’s not ketogenic. When it comes to keto diet, you need to alter your lifestyle. You’ll have to make very crucial changes which should be on a permanent basis.

With all the information listed, keto emerges the best lifestyle to choose according to my opinion. Keto is easy to maintain. It’s the best method for all your weight loss desires, and it’s also attached to a variety of health benefits like heart health.


Both diets have significant benefits. They will assist you to put an end to your carb addiction, lose weight and increase your energy levels.