Best MCT Oils and Powders – Top Choices for 2018

Have you ever wondered what are the Best MCT Oils and Powders? If so, you're not alone. If you've ever been in the market for a 100 percent all natural supplement that will help you lose weight, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll learn about the MCT oils and powders that can help you to do just that. MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides, are fast becoming the "go-to" supplement for those who want to lose weight in a healthy fashion.

Unfortunately, many have found that they're second-guessing themselves. MCTs, in their raw form, may be tough on the digestive system. When taken properly, they work as an ideal solution. Let's take a moment and learn more about MCTs.

How To Choose Your MCT Powders And Oils

There are a variety of MCT Oil powders on the market today. Many of these are mixed with ingredients that aren't healthy, cheapen the products, and aren't as effective. Here are some things to check before you choose your product.

  • Check the fiber source. The best fiber source is acacia fiber.
  • Is it made from the oil of coconuts? It should be. You want a product that has 100 percent coconut oil.
  • It should contain the most efficient kind of MCT oil. Consider the exact kind of MCT oil that is used.
  • There should be a balance of MCTs to the Non-MCTs. This ratio is vital to assessing the ratio of them such as how much powder to other ingredients is in the product.
  • There should be no fillers and no additives in the product. Many of the products contain fillers and additives. This is one way that they extend the shelf-life of the products. It also helps them to blend better and improves the texture. Fillers can prevent caking, increase the bulk and lower the manufacturing cost.
  • There shouldn't be any unnecessary sweeteners in the products. Many manufacturers add these to make the product taste better, especially if they're flavored kinds.
  • Should be allergen free. There are a variety of ways that companies will cut costs when they manufacture their products. One way is to use corn-derived GMOs that may contain allergens. They may also opt for dairy products that can cause digestive issues and immunological issues for many.

There is a variety of MCTs with healthy ingredients. Many of the MCT oil powders are available in flavored versions such as the Perfect Keto MCT that is readily available in Matcha, chocolate, and vanilla.

There are a variety of advantages to these products. The fact that they're flavored makes them more palatable which means that people are much more likely to choose them. By selecting products that contain no fillers, and have no added sweeteners, the products are in a much more pure form and much more likely to provide the user with a quality product.

What Is The Best Way To Use MCT?

MCT oils and powders are ideal for coffees, smoothies and other foods and beverages. You won't notice any aftertaste or any unusual flavors that can give the foods and beverages an unusual taste.

It will add a creamy texture to the beverages and make them more palatable. It's easy to sneak it into flavorful foods, soups, stews, and other meals that will help you to enjoy it.

Ideal for baking products and for making foods inflammatory. It can be used in pre-workout drinks, or after a workout in a protein smoothie drink that will nourish the body and the muscles that were worked out.

MCT can also be taken with ketones and collagen products to help improve the health.

Product Reviews

Viva Naturals Non-GMO

This product is made of Pure Coconut MCT Oil (32 fl oz)  and is Gluten Free,  as well as Vegan,  Paleo Diet Approved. It is a naturally extracted as well as a Sustainably Sourced product. It ranked 4.4 out of 5 possible stars by users ratings.

Sourced sustainably, this product is free of fillers, additives, and flavors. It's all natural and extracted from only the freshest, hand-picked and only sustainably harvested coconuts.

Made in the USA, it's even third-party tested every step of the way. It supports weight management and it won't behave as other products.

Instead of being broken down by enzymes in the pancreas, this product produces ketones that offer an alternative source of fuel for more fat burning potential. It's ideal for a low-carb and a Paleo diet. It also supports the mental focus and energy.

Ketones offer the brain both energy and carbs. This is the main source of energy for the body. It also helps to improve stamina and is ideal for an athletic performance that works naturally with Viva Naturals.

Both odorless and tasteless, if you have a sensitive palate you can appreciate and enjoy the fact that there is no taste or odor of this MCT oil. It's ideal for homemade salad dressings, in smoothies, in sauces and even your morning coffee.

There may be a mild intestinal discomfort should too much MCT oil be consumed at once. Especially if taken on an empty stomach.

Premium MCT Oil

This product is derived from only Coconut Oil. It's available in a - 32oz BPA free bottle. Premium MCT oil is  Ketogenic and also Paleo diet approved. As Non-GMO users have rated it as 4.6 out of a possible 5-star rating.

There are many great benefits to healthy fats. They help the body to gain Ketosis and to process the fats that are burned for energy. Coconut oils that are sourced from 100 percent coconut, never palm oil. They contain the entire spectrum of the MCTs and include Lauric Acid which works as "oil pulling" to remove bacteria from the body.

Certified as Real, this MCT oil is a verified Non-GMO product. It's also Paleo and even Vegan-Friendly.  It's both odorless and tasteless and works well as a traditional oil. Works as a great addition to coffee, shakes, other beverages and as an all natural energy drink. It's ideal for gut health and particularly as an antimicrobial and an antiviral property that works well on gut health. It helps to reduce bad bacteria but won't reduce good bacteria.

Bulletproof  Also Known As Brain Octane Oil

This reliable, quick source of energy comes in a 16-ounce container. It ranked 4-stars out of a possible 5 stars with users.

Bulletproof is made from a distillation process and uses only 100 percent quality pure coconut oil. The quality fat helps to reduce as well as burn body fat.

Bulletproof is a great go-to source for both mental and physical optimization. Brain Octane is an all natural source that is derived from coconut oil in small quantities. It’s fully concentrated so you'll enjoy the purest form of energy possible. It rapidly improves your mental and physical energy and clarity. It can power you through the day offering more cognitive function and helping you to remain satisfied and free of food cravings.

When included in the daily routine, it offers a state of high performance. It will rapidly absorb into your system and change over to ketone bodies that offer you instant energy without breaking into glucose from carbs or sugars. It offers you 4 times the ketone energy when compared to plain forms of coconut oil. It has strong anti-microbial effects to help support a healthy digestion and to improve immune functions. You'll appreciate the power of the quality fats in keeping you focused and full.

Keto MCT Oil Powder

This  Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) is an Oil Powder that works well  For Ketosis and Energy. It offers you an easy way to absorb and digest the benefits. It's made in the USA  and is an unflavored product. It's rated 4.4 stars out of a possible 5-star rating.

Convenient and easy to use, this product is ideal for anyone who wants to use a product without any mess. It's creamy and smooth and will add a cream-like texture to any beverages that it's added into.  With no fillers or additives, it's ideal for a variety of uses. With no carbs, no sugar, it gives a Pure MCT form that is strictly derived from coconuts.

Guaranteed pure it's made in a GMP facility in the United States. Each and every batch is lab-tested. It contains a ratio of 70/30 c8/c10. It's tested against heavy metals and any other potential impurities.

Shipped in a BPA free, PET container that is all food grade. You'll feel fuller and enjoy the increased energy. Your body will begin to feel better almost instantly. Popular to add to beverages and with no additives, you'll be enjoying sustained energy all day long.

Zhou Nutrition MCT Oil Powder

Includes Prebiotic Acacia Fiber and it's ranked 4.8 stars out of a  possible 5 stars from users.

If you want a creamy texture, this is the product to give it to you in your morning coffee. Ideal for foods as well. It works well in a variety of recipes. As a healthy fat source, you're sure to appreciate the benefits of this product.

One scoop of this product in your beverage will give you 4 grams of healthy fats and up to 18 percent of your daily value of fiber. It will help to suppress the appetite and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Readily converts to ketones that will help your body and brain to feel a steady source of energy.  With a guarantee that you'll love it or you can get your money back, you simply can't go wrong. No risk, no worries, and no fuss. This is an ideal solution for your needs.


Remember, quality matters and when it comes to ​MCT Powers and Oils ​you'll want to make sure that you're picking a top quality product. You want your product to be filler and additive free. It should only be made of 100 percent MCTs and coconut oil. It shouldn't contain any palm oils.

Ideal for long-term use and as a high-quality source of fiber and oils. You'll appreciate the improved energy and the great benefits that are associated with using MCT's. You'll enjoy the better cognitive performance and a healthier immune system. with healthy weight loss, you'll appreciate this product regardless of whether it's an oil or a powder. You'll appreciate creamier beverages and tastier, healthier foods.

When it comes to ​these supplements it's all a matter of personal preference and desire. With so many products to choose from it's hard to decide which product is the best MCT oil ​or powder. The list above shows the top quality variants you can get. Test them out for yourself to see which one matches you the best!

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