Buy Caralluma Fimbriata: Find Out Why It Is Worth Your Money

Caralluma is now one of the hottest weight loss supplements in the market today. There is however little mystery behind it as it has a very long history in India as a very effective appetite suppressant. In fact it is very effective in stopping hunger pangs that it is used by the Indians when they are in a famine. But is caralluma extract even safe for humans? Should you buy it?

It must be remembered that the people in India have been using the plant for centuries now. The cactus is not only for surviving famines but also used by the hunters in the region in the past and even today. They ingest the raw plant and this will give them the ability to stalk their prey for a long time without food. What makes the effect of the plant amazing is that it also prevents the hunters from getting weak in the field.

Caralluma Plant Composition

Caralluma is a very potent weight loss agent. Its secret lies in its active ingredients and its effect on the human body. Caralluma has the following bioactives:

  • Pregnane glycosides which also includes russeliosides B and C, stalagmoside V, and many more. These groups of glycosides are the backbone of calogerin, 5alpha-dihydrocalogerin and boucerin which is widely believed to be a key ingredient that fights hunger suppression.
  • Caralluma Plant CompositionFlavonoid gylcosides
  • Megastigmane glycosides
  • Hydrocarbon pentatriacontane
  • Chromium
  • Beta-sitosterol

The genus caralluma is covered under the family of Apocynaceae and the related family of Asclepiadaceae. There are more than 250 species carrying the name caralluma all over Asia and the Mediterranean.

This family of plants is well known as a cure all specie in the world of herbal medicine which is known to help with rheumatism, leprosy, paralysis, diabetes, and inflammation. It can also be considered as anti-malarial, anti ulcer, and antioxidant. The appearance of the caralluma is generally quadrangle. They are also seen as perennial succulents that has small caducous leaves, and for some specie, it is edible such as in the case of caralluma fimbriata.

How it helps in losing weight?

The caralluma fimbriata weight loss properties are unique. It does not just suppress appetite it also stops the storage of fat. It does not only stop the storage of fat but also burns the existing fats in the body. And it does not just burn the fats it also allows the muscles gain more mass thus making the body more efficient in metabolizing food.

  1. It stops the body from storing fats – caralluma affects the body in the cellular level. When you eat, the food will go through a process wherein the carbohydrates are turned into chemicals the cells in the body can use. This is the normal process of the body. However when the body receives more food than it needs an interesting process kicks in – the excess energy source is made into storable fat by the body with the help of enzymes produced mainly by the liver.

The active ingredient in the caralluma fimbriata called the pregnane glycosides is an effective blocker of these enzymes barring the body form storing fats. Aside from that the caralluma also prompts the body to burn the fats already stored thus giving the body the much needed energy even with the absence of food. This must be the reason why hunters in India like eating raw caralluma because it does not only stop them from feeling hungry it also gives them a boost of energy. This observation is also common many caralluma reviews online.

  1. It stops the body from craving for food – the bioactive in the plant also hinders the body’s signaling system if it is hungry or not. This system is centered at the hypothalamus, a small part in the brain that sends impulses when the body needs to eat and when the body has enough of food.

Caralluma can disrupt the signals from the hypothalamus and allow the body to go on functioning without feeling deprived of food. For obese people this can do a lot in their weight management. The hardest part of weight loss is controlling one’s appetite so when the body is assisted in saying no to food this can really be a big help and an important first step to losing pounds and sustaining that development for life.

Why People are Buying Caralluma Fimbriata

Why People are Buying Caralluma BurnThere are many reviews online and the verdict is clear: Caralluma extract works. But perhaps the best reason to buy Caralluma Fimbriata is that the tablets do not have any additives. Because of this it is not only guaranteed safe, it also has better direct effect to the body and its dosage is more potent and natural.

Caralluma has very minimal side effects and all of these go away in just a few days. The most common observation of people who are using the supplement is gastritis or acidity in the stomach. There are some cases that it causes flatulence and for some constipation. These are rather short term in nature and with continuous use of the product it goes away for good in a week or so.

Caralluma is also a hit to many users because it helps them lose weight faster. The mechanisms of caralluma fimbriata fit right into what they are doing every day to be more healthy and fit. Using caralluma together with strength and aerobic exercises can maximize the effects in the muscles. It must also be remembered that more muscles would equal to more weight being lost every day.

There is really no dosage indication for Caralluma Fimbriata but it is important to remember that studies have been made about the toxicity of the extract of caralluma. But still it is very important that you follow dosage directions in the bottle to make sure you are not abusing the use of the product. Also to be on the safe side pregnant women must not use caralluma supplements unless there is clearance from the doctor. It is also safer not to take the extract if you are breastfeeding.