Caralluma Fimbriata Weight Loss: How It Works and the Science Behind Its Effectiveness

Caralluma is a native succulent plant very common in many parts of India. It grows even in urban areas and is commonly used as a shrubbery in outdoor spaces and is also used as borders in the garden. Caralluma is a cactus and thrives in low water environments. The plant is actually part of the diet of the Indians for centuries. It can be eaten raw, or cooked like a vegetable, or crushed to use as an additive to pickled foods. The primary use of this vegetable is to suppress hunger especially to men out in a hunt. Even without food the hunters can maintain their endurance and not be psychologically bothered by hunger. This makes the plant a popular ingredient in weight loss products today. In fact, many are actually quite curious about the Caralluma Fimbriata weight loss effects.

Does Caralluma really work?

Does Caralluma really workThe native Indians used the plant extensively for hunger suppression but does it really work? A study was conducted to test the claims of the manufacturers of caralluma supplements.

The study included more than 50 people – half were on placebo while half were on the caralluma extract. The study took 6 months and the results were expected. There was significant drop in weight for people on the caralluma supplement.

Not only that, because the study also include measurements of the waist line, circumference of the arms and hips, and even body fat content, it also found out that not only people using caralluma lose weight, dramatic losses were also recorded in the waistline, arms and hips circumferences and overall body fat content.

It does work in the scientific level and the good news is that, another study was also done to test the toxicity of caralluma. The people in India never reported any adverse effects on eating the cactus, raw or cooked. In the study it also found out that the caralluma is very safe.

What were the side effects observed in ingesting caralluma?

Caralluma side effects observed by people using it are gastrointestinal in nature. The most common complaints were gastritis, flatulence, and constipation. These side effects are also very common in caralluma fimbriata reviews however the good news is that these side effects tend to go away in a few days.

In the study these side effects were mainly attributed to the capsules used to house the extracts of the caralluma. This observation was supported by the fact that both placebo and caralluma users all have the same side effects. Plus it must be remembered that the study was conducted in India where people have been ingesting the plant for many years already but it is just now they were experiencing such side effects. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that these side effects are temporary and should be an acceptable transient discomfort in one’s weight loss pursuits.

How does the caralluma work in weight loss?

Caralluma works two ways and both are biological in nature. The plant has the ability to cause biological reactions in the body that makes it very effective and its effects can be sustained as long as you are continually using its extract in your daily diet. The plant works two ways in helping you lose weight.

  1. It prevents the body form storing fats. It is common knowledge that when people eat too much the excess food, since it cannot be used for energy anymore, is stored in the body as fat. Caralluma stops this process so that excess food is continually used by the body as energy while allowing the body not to store the fats and as an effect gain weight.
  1. It effectively suppresses appetite. This is the most common use of the plant even in India. Hunters who have to go for many hours without food as they stalk their prey cannot stop hunting until they have their prey on their sights. Functioning right even with little food is important to them and this is why they depend on the cactus for their hunting trips.

It is common knowledge that when people engage in weight loss diets especially crash diets, they tend to get weak and they fail to build body muscle mass. This is rather a bad way to lose weight and get the body in is optimum shape. This approach is also not sustainable as people find themselves deprived. Sooner or later they will go back to their old eating habits and lose the progress they made in half the time they sacrificed to achieve the weight loss. This makes people buy caralluma Fimbriata. The weight loss it offers is simple and sustainable.

The mechanism of caralluma weight loss

The mechanism of caralluma weight lossThe Caralluma Fimbriata weight loss happens within the body process called Kreb’s Cycle. This process takes place in the mitochondria, the cells in the body that is mainly responsible for turning the food we eat into energy. Mitochondria are like the body’s battery – its transforms chemical energy into usable electricity or in the case of humans. energy.

But what happens when too much food is eaten and the body is flooded with the processed food in the form of glucose or citric acid (Kreb’s Cycle is also called as Citric Acid Cycle)? This is when gluconeogenesis happens, a process that turns excess source of energy into fat.

The building block of fats form excess food is called Acetyl Coenzyme A. Caralluma effectively blocks the production of this fat forming substance in the body. The result is that fat cannot form. But not only that, caralluma can also block another enzyme called Malonyl Coenzyme which then forces the body to burn its fat reserves. This double action speeds up weight loss dramatically.

Hunger suppression also brought about by caralluma happens when the plant effectively sends false signals to the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that regulates appetite. It tells the brain when the body is hungry or full. Caralluma has pregnane glycosides substance and this is what inhibits the hunger sensory of the hypothalamus.

Caralluma Burn weight loss works because the plant it is derived from is almost specifically engineered to stop all the body’s tendency to gain weight. Using it on a daily basis can surely improve your chance to losing weight and losing that weight forever.