How Caralluma Works

Obesity is now seen as a pandemic, a serious threat to health that is proving to be the gateway of a host of medical issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bone disorders, endocrine dysfunction, and many more. In fact WHO sees obesity like smoking, a serious health risk that is killing more people than most people realize. Weight management costs tens of billions of dollars in the US alone and this is expected to get worst overtime as more and more people are getting overweight in the country every year. Caralluma seem to be a very good solution as studies have seen its efficacy in fighting weight problems. Many however are asking: does it really work?

The good news is that it does work and one of the few trusted organizations that released a paper about its effectiveness and safety is no other than the FDA. How does it work and where does it come from? Read on and learn great things about this miracle weight loss supplement and the reason why people buy caralluma burn.

More about Caralluma

More about CarallumaCaralluma Fimbriata belongs to the cactus family of plants and is commonly found in many areas in India. It is a plant with a spongy texture and is prepared both raw and cooked in its native India. The plant is often boiled and salted or used to garnish dishes.

Sometimes it is also used to go with pickled foods. However Indian hunters often consume it raw and they use it to suppress hunger especially when they are out in a hunt which can go for many unrelenting hours. Caralluma helps them go on with the hunt without food but not losing energy while doing that.

In India caralluma is also used to fight the ravishing famines that sometimes hit some regions in the country. By ingesting this plant, people who are experiencing scarcity of food can hold on longer until food is finally available.

The plant is very common in India as it grows wild almost everywhere, even in urban areas. These plants are also used in the garden to keep animals out. Its flower has this awful smell and this is discarded when it is prepared by locals. But this aroma is very attractive to the flies which in turn pollinate the plant.

How can it help in losing weight?

Caralluma Fimbriata extract can help in the weight loss process in three ways. This is what makes it very effective in losing the extra pounds. It does that too faster as the methods it use to change how the body reacts to food complement each other and represent two important principles in weight loss. First it stops you from eating too much, and second it forces the body to metabolize stored fats. That is like substituting appetite control by sheer will power and burning fats by doing minor exercise.

  1. It stops the body from storing fat – the effects of caralluma are deep in the system of the body, in its biological functioning. When people eat, the carbohydrates from their intake are transformed into glucose in the process called catabolism. This in turn will produce Adenosine tri-Phosphate or ATP. ATP now becomes a fuel for the body through a process called Kreb’s Cycle. This cycle simply explains the process of ATP being used by the mitochondria, the power plant of the human body.

When the body however consumes too much food than it needs, the fat storage process kicks in. This allows the body to store energy in the form of fats for future use. In the case of obesity this “future use” simply does not come and so fats are continually stored. This is where the caralluma burn weight loss “magic” happens. Caralluma has pregnane glycosides in its chemical makeup that can simply block the enzymes in the body called citrate lyase so that fats cannot be formed. The use of energy in the body is real time and any energy from food that is no longer needed simply flushes out of the body and not stored.

  1. It burns fats – caralluma does not only stop citrate lyase, it also help in stopping Malonyl Coenzyme A which will simply signal the body to burn its stored reserves of fat. The storage of fat is stopped and existing fat gets burned too.
  1. It suppresses appetite – caralluma seem to have the ability to disrupt the body’s mechanisms to identify hunger. The job of signaling the body to eat and not eat is controlled by a small part of the brain called hypothalamus. The hypothalamus sends signal to the brain when there is a need to eat and also signals it that it had enough. But caralluma has pregnane glycosides that interfere with the signals sent by the hypothalamus. This allows people to go on longer without food and assist people who have appetite suppression problems big time.
  1. How can it help in losing weightMuscle generation – caralluma does not only stop hunger, stop fat storage, and burn fat, it also encourage muscle growth. As the fat is burned which is also caused by the caralluma, muscles get the boost it needs to replace the fat tissues. And because muscles are more efficient in metabolizing food, sustaining the weight loss gained initially can now be sustained. The more muscles a person has the higher is his metabolism rate.

Caralluma burn is also very safe to use. An unpublished study that specifically aims to know more about the toxicity of the cactus found out that even in excessively high dosages of the extract of the plant, it does not cost any ill effects to the body.

It is however important to note that according to some caralluma burn reviews from people who use the product observed some short term gastrointestinal issues such as flatulence and acidity and to some people also constipation. The good news is that these often go away in a few days. The unique chemical consistency of the caralluma makes it a very potent weight loss agent that can quickly address weight problems. When coupled with the right diet and exercise the effects of the plant can be maximized even more.

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