Zenwise Health Keto-Lift BHB Salts Supplement with goBHB Review


Keto BHB Salts with goBHB are a supplement for the Ketosis diet.  They come in powder form and are meant to be mixed with water for quick and easy consumption.  They claim they can send you into “a ketogenic state without fasting” and are designed to supply the body with energy, ketones, improve performance, metabolism, and focus.  They also boost the body’s essential electrolytes to improve recovery and hydration capabilities.


Calcium/Sodium/Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate is a ketone produced in the body.  When Beta Hydroxybutyrate is produced in the body or absorbed artificially with supplements, it causes the body to dissolve fat cells and convert them into energy. 

This is the purpose of the ketosis diet, to remove carbohydrate cells as the body’s primary source of energy and replace it with fat.  The amount of these ketones present in the body determines how efficiently and effectively your body can convert fat into energy.  

This should mean that the more of these ketones, the more fat you burn and the more energy you will have.  Keto BHB improves on this by binding these ketones with essential minerals, calcium, sodium, and magnesium.  These are essential electrolytes the body loses during its natural excretion process.  

If the body isn’t replenishing them as quickly as it is losing them, then it risks going into a process known as water intoxication.  Minimal effects of water intoxication include fatigue, exhaustion, and cramping.  Serious effects of water intoxication can cause death.

Citric Acid is the man-made version of Ascorbic Acid and the chemical form of vitamin C and is known for granting slight increases in energy and feelings of overall well-being.

Stevia gives the supplement a sweeter taste without the pesky carbohydrates you are trying to avoid on a Ketosis diet.  It is a natural sugar substitute, but as with most sugar substitutes has a tendency to have a laxative effect.

How it helps with a Keto Diet

Keto BHB Salts enhance the amount of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate in the body.  These are what control your body’s ability to burn fat cells and convert them into energy.  By increasing the amount of these in the body, it is likely that the effect will be increased past the effect generated purely from naturally occurring ketones. 

It also improves Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium levels.  These levels tend to have troubles with Ketosis diets.  This is typical because they are the primary electrolytes lost in basic bodily functions such as sweating or urinating.  

Most people who start a Ketosis diet are increasing their activity levels past what they are used to, which tends to increase water intake, which in turn flushes these electrolytes out of the body.  By increasing the amount you are intaking, it helps prevent water intoxication, improve hydration, and improve the bodies recovery time and feelings of well-being.

What are the benefits?

Since Keto BHB Salts increase the level of ketones in the body, it is bound to have a few benefits.  The primary benefit of course is going to be an improved fat burning effect.  With this fat burning effect, the user is going to have high energy levels.  

Since the Beta-Hydroxybutyrate doesn’t just help burn the fat cells, but helps to convert it into energy, you are almost guaranteed to have increased energy reserves and levels.  You will also feel better on a generalized basis.  This is because your general well-being will improve with the increase in essential electrolytes and energy levels.

Side Effects

Like most performance enhancing supplements, Keto BHB Salts tends to cause intestinal discomfort and increased bowel movement frequency and urgency.  This is common in most supplements due to their ability to pump the body full of excess amounts of nutrients. 

The nutrients that cannot be absorbed have to be voided, and this generally happens through bowel movements.  This is especially prevalent in Ketosis supplements due to their need to be carbohydrate free.  

In order to do this and still maintain a bearable taste, most supplements use sweeteners to replace sugar, in this case Stevia.  Unfortunately, the body doesn’t digest sweeteners very well and this tends to cause bloating and bowel movement frequency and urgency.

Pros and Cons


  • Boosts Energy
  • Enhances Exercise Recovery
  • Improves Fat Burning Capability
  • Boosts Electrolyte Levels


  • Expensive
  • Not required for Ketosis to be effective
  • Bad intestinal and bowel effects

Conclusion – Does it really work?

Keto BHB Salts Supplement with goBHB technically works.  The problem is that it cannot do what it claims.  No supplement on the market is capable of supporting the claim that it can allow the body to go into Ketosis without following the Ketosis diet.  

However, the Keto BHB Salts will improve the Ketosis effect, speed up the results, and improve energy levels of the user.  It also boosts essential electrolytes like Magnesium, Sodium, and Calcium that are known for being problem nutrients in most Ketosis diets.  

With the combination of all these boosts, recovery times will be shortened as well.  The supplement works, and it works well.  It just makes claims that aren’t actually possible.  So, if you don’t mind poor advertisement, it is a solid supplement.