Ketogenic Supplements Reviews – Which is Best in 2018?

Ketogenic diets have been around for a while and are here to stay. But more and more people are getting aware of the fact that adding Ketogenic supplements can be of tremendous help for their overall well-being.

Using the right kinds of keto supplements can be beneficial as it can help to balance the fats that your body needs to get into the state of ketosis. Starting a diet like can be quite a shock for your body. It has to adapt to the change of intake of food. Exogenous Ketone supplements can soften that shock and make it easier and faster to adapt.

With the rise of popularity of keto diets, more and more products have been introduced that are supposedly the best ones. However, many of these products actually do not provide the essential supplements you need when switching or living on a keto diet. Some of these supposedly great products can actually undo a lot of the good you get from being on a keto diet.

Keto supplements, as most other supplements available online or in drug stores, are not governed by the FDA. As such, there’s a lot of room for shady marketing and for products that don’t help or even have side effects that are negative. You can find keto supplements that miss ingredients or add harmful components that can have side effects ranging from constipation to more severe medical issues like higher levels of cholesterol and/or triglycerides. Sometimes these side effects can even disrupt the menstrual cycle for women (amenorrhea).

You certainly shouldn’t have to become an expert in figuring out and understanding what compounds you should have to take. Being able to pick the best keto supplement while you are on the diet is important to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function perfectly. The keto diet is very strict and thus demanding on your body. Lack of certain nutrients can quickly lead to bad effects on your body in the short, medium and even long term.

It’s important to be informed when you change your lifestyle to ketogenic diet and living. It has many benefits but it’s not easy to live it. Find out in the following sections which supplement additions you need and why. You can also find our recommendations on what supplements to get so you won’t suffer from any of the side-effects mentioned above. There are safe and high-quality exogenous ketone supplements out there that will make your life easier and allow your body to function better.

It’s not easy to adapt to this lifestyle and dietary guidelines. A low-carb diet like keto can and will put stress on your body if you are used to carbs and sugar. Exogenous supplements that are specifically designed to support this lifestyle make it easier to live the lifestyle and to succeed with your weight goals.

​Our Top Picks for Best Ketogenic Supplements

​We’ll have a closer look at some of the best ketogenic supplements in the following sections. If you want a quick overview of what they are then here’s the list of these products that will help you succeed with your low-carb diet for your reference. Click on the link to find the current price and availability on Amazon:

The following section will give you a better overview over these products and why we ranked them in this order.

Best Exogenous Ketogenic Supplements

Perfect Keto

The name of this product lifts the expectations quite high that this is THE Exogenous Ketone supplement that you can buy. It’s made with high quality ingredients and without doubt is one of the best Keto supplements you can get.

Perfect Keto contains beta hydroxybutyrate to help with boosting energy while burning fat and enhancing ketosis by raising blood ketone levels. It also does not contain any caffeine, sugars or carbs making it a great choice of a supplement.

Specifically as an athlete you’ll enjoy a lot of benefits from this supplement. It boosts performance and accelerates weight loss while also improving focus and concentration.

Perfect Keto comes in a variety of flavors and can be mixed with a lot of different liquids. You can simply mix it with water or use coconut milk or coffee or shakes to blend it with.

Pruvit Keto OS

Pruvit Keto//OS is somewhat similar to Perfect Keto. It provides your body with exogenous ketones. These ketones provide your body with fuel that it can burn right away. You don’t have to be in ketosis to reap the benefits of these exogenous ketones in the form of supplements.

It contains medium-chain triglycerides which are the same fats you can find in coconut oil. These can quickly be turned into energy. In addition they are also loaded with mineral salts.

Keto-OS is available with or without caffeine. The caffeinated drink, called Charged, provides roughly the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Both versions provide your body with supplements for improved cognitive function and mental focus in addition to enhanced athletic performance and long-lasting energy. Finally, they do for what they are best known: help to accelerate weight loss and burn fat.

MCT Oils

MCT Oils contain medium chain triglycerides. These can also be found in palm and coconut oil, butter and yogurt. Different from other fatty acids, MCT’s instantly provide energy for your body.

Where other fatty acids end up being stored in the form of fat, MCT’s are immediately ready to be converted to ketones. They are then immediately available as fuel and are not stored as fat.

Naturally, you can get the most MCT’s when using coconut oil. Available fractionated MCT supplements provide you with a higher concentration of MCT’s than what you get in natural oils.

The advantage of such MCT supplements is that your body only deals with the MCT’s and doesn’t have to work to separate them out from the other nutrients that you for example find in coconut oil. This allows your body to convert the MCT’s quicker into energy.

To stay in ketosis while on the keto diet you do need to meet your daily fat requirements. MCT oils can help you with that. You can add them into any liquid like coffee or tea or smoothies to take them.

There are some side effects that you can experience when using MCT oils. Specifically, you can suffer from various digestive symptoms. In that case you can try to use MCT powder which can be easier to digest for some people.

Zhou Nutrition Keto-Drive BHB Salts

This supplement uses Zhou’s patented Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) formula. It includes Vitamins A and C as well as Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium. Zhou Nutrition Keto-Drive this way provides a way to hit the perfect balance between burning fat while maintaining endurance and brain power during ketosis.

It supports increased blood ketone levels leading to better mental performance as well as athletic endurance. It has no caffeine, sugar or carbs added.

The blend comes in two different flavors: Matcha Lemonade and Orange Mango. Both can conveniently be added to shakes or smoothies. You can also bring them to the gym and mix them with just water. The fruit flavor does a great job masking the strong Ketone taste you can get from other BHB salts.

Zenwise Health Keto-Lift BHB Salts Supplement with goBHB

Zenwise Health Keto-Lift contains a special blend of patented beta-hydroxybutyrates to support your body’s needs during a ketogenic lifestyle. It helps to perform at your peak while you achieve ketosis.

The BHB’s increase your blood’s ketone levels to provide a burst of energy. It will increase your athletic performance and help you take your workouts to the next level.

The energy not only improves your athletic ability but also helps with mental clarity and increased focus. In addition, and for many most important, it increases fat burning to help with weight loss. In addition it is formulated to be free of caffeine, sugar and carbs.

It comes in raspberry lemonade flavor that mixes easily with cold water or within a shake. You’d expect it to be tart as it is raspberry flavored but it really isn’t.

What is a Ketogenic Supplement?

Exogenous ketogenic supplements can help you stay in ketosis and burn more fat. The goal of the keto diet is to put your body into ketosis. With strict diet you can stay in that zone but for many people it’s hard to stick to that strict diet.

Once you drop out of ketosis it usually will take a few days to get back to it. An exogenous ketogenic supplement can help to shorten that period and get you back into the zone within sometimes just a few hours.

One thing you have to be aware of when you’re on a low carb diet is how many carbs you eat. If you want to use keto supplements to help with your diet then you have to make sure you have the ones without any carbs. Otherwise, your whole diet might go down the tubes as the fastest way to start to burn fat is by reducing your carb intake to extremely low amounts!

It is essential to take a supplement consisting of high quality ingredients. You can usually count on getting that when you get a brand product. No-name products or store labels can at times be questionable and not worth the money.

Furthermore, it’s also important that you pick the right type of keto diet supplements. There are numerous different types of keto supplements ranging from protein powders to vitamins and shakes. In addition you can also find products to take before a workout to improve the fat burning impact of your workout while also boosting your energy levels.

Why would you want to take BHB Supplements? What are the benefits?

Taking ketogenic supplements has quite a lot benefits. While there are studies that have shown the energy boosting effects and the improvements in cognitive functions, newer studies have shown possible anti-cancerous properties of the keto lifestyle.

Adding keto supplements to your diet have a tremendous benefit for the diet and your wellbeing though. Small ‘accidents’ where you might eat something that’s not a good match for your diet will not keep you out of ketosis for several days. The supplements can even things out and even small deviations from your diet won’t hurt you. They also help to overall stabilize your system which eventually leads to a healthier lifestyle.

When you’re deeper into the lifestyle you can still reap the benefits of the keto supplements as they are a great to raise your energy levels and athletic ability during a pre-workout and the following workout itself. During your workout they will support your body in the fat-burning process leading to additional weight loss.

While these are the benefits you can experience from the physical perspective, there are also a number of benefits you get with regards to your mental state. They improve mental clarity and help with increasing your focus and concentration. You’ll also end up having more energy on a daily basis.

Where to buy Exogenous Ketone Supplements?

You might be wondering where the best places to buy ketones are. Our experience shows that you will find the best selection and product availability at Amazon.

You can rest assured to get the genuine product on Amazon when you order it. Some other online retailers might try to sell you some knock-off of the original product which won’t work as well if at all.

If you are a Prime member you will also automatically get free two-day shipping on Amazon. This can add up to some substantial savings over the course of a year!

Do Exogenous Ketone Supplements work?

The short answer: Yes, they can work. However, they can’t do the work all by themselves. You can’t expect to eat a loaf or two of bread a day, pop some keto supplements and feel great while losing weight.

Numerous studies have shown that ketosis does work to raise energy levels and burn fat. Adding ketones while burning fat as an energy source does result in weight loss while on the other hand improving overall physical and mental well being. There’s even talk about these added ketones being able to have a supporting role in serious illnesses like cancer.

Yet, be aware that they are not the all-healing wonder drug that you take at night and you wake up 25 years younger and 20 pounds lighter the next day. You will have to do your part by sticking to the diet and by working out. The three elements together will provide quick and lasting results. Combining these three elements will provide you with the best results.

With regards to supplements you want to make sure that you use high-quality, branded products. These will have the best ingredients and will provide you with the best results.

You do want to ignore products offered on infomercials and touted as supplements that do everything for you. Seeing those ads you can be pretty sure that the products will not be able to fulfill the promises made in the infomercials.

However, getting a high-quality supplement like the ones we’ve highlighted above will help you with your goals. They are effective with highest grade ingredients that will support your body in ketosis to burn fat and increase energy levels and overall health!


Your best choice will be to get the Perfect Keto supplements. They offer a great product for a reasonable price. Depending on your personal choice you’ll be good with any of the products shown above.

It can come down to simple things like which taste you prefer. You might also just simply try different products to see how they work for you. Your body is unique and as such not ever supplement will work as well for you as it might for others!

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