The 31 Best Natural Appetite Suppressants

When it comes to hunger suppressants you don't have to go and buy a lot of pills. There are plenty of natural suppressants out there that can help you curb your appetite.

Without further ado, let's have a look at the best natural appetite suppressants you should consider:


Almonds: In 2006, the Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting presented a study showing that Almonds can decrease feelings of hunger- just a handful! They are a great source of protein, Vitamin E, magnesium and are full of antioxidants! Almonds also have 4 grams of fiber in just one quarter of a cup! A healthy and delicious snack!

Coffee not only wakes you up!

Coffee: Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee? Drinking coffee can suppress your appetite. It contains caffeine, which boosts your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. Not too much though, or you may feel jittery. Coffee beans also have antioxidants, which are great for you too! Try and drink it black, but if you can’t, try to limit the amount of cream and sugar.

Nuts help to suppress the feeling of hunger

Nuts: All nuts are nutritious and delicious- not just almonds! They all contain healthy fats and have loads of fiber. These healthy fats also help keep your cholesterol low. Nuts have a lot of fiber, which digests more slowly so you feel fuller longer than if you ate carbohydrates.

Get rid of hunger with Ginger

Ginger: Ginger root has been used for many years as a digestive aid. It is great for bellyaches and morning sickness. It can be used many foods, from smoothies to Indian dishes. The ginger works as a stimulant, which energizes the body, improving digestion and decreasing your hunger. Use the real stuff; ginger ale doesn’t count.

Use Avocado to eat less

Avacado: The avocado is not just for guacamole! Avacados are full of heart healthy monosaturated fat! These delicious green fruits are full of protein and fiber as well. You can even replace butter in recipes with them! Put some on toast and you have a yummy breakfast or lunch that will keep you full for hours!

Eggs make you feel full longer

Eggs: Don’t be afraid to eat an egg! Eggs are packed with protein! Eat an egg for breakfast and you will feel more full throughout the day. If you are a morning bagel eater, you will consume 330 less calories if you switch to eggs for breakfast. Studies show that they are similar in calories, but the bagel eaters will be hungry sooner and eat more. So, switch to the egg!

Cayenne Pepper is hot and prevents eating frenzies

Cayenne Pepper: Time to get spicy! Cayenne Pepper can boost your metabolism, burning calories without exercise! In the Physiology and Behavior journal, a study showed just half a teaspoon caused the body to bury 10 calories! If you don’t usually eat spicy meals, you can burn even more! You could lose 4 pounds a month by just putting cayenne pepper in your foods. It would be a delicious addition to your avocado toast!

Sweet Potatoes to curb your hunger

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes have a special type of starch, according to scientists, that resist your digestive enzymes. This makes you feel full longer! They also contain vitamins and are delicious!

Have Apples help you to reduce the appetite cravings

Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, the old saying goes. It also can keep extra pounds away! Apples suppress hunger in many ways! They are filled with fiber and pectin which help you to feel more full. The apple has natural occurring sugars, which is great for a naturally sweet snack. They require chewing time so you have more time to realize how full you are becoming. The apple won’t spike your blood sugar quickly either. Most important, they are delicious!

Umeboshi Plums to naturally curb your appetite

Umeboshi Plums: Looking to try something different? How about a pickled plum?! The sourness of an Umeboshi plum can shock your sugar craving away. You can find them at your local Asian grocer.

By Batholith (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Water effectively suppresses appetite

Water: Experts say we should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day, minimum! Drinking 1-2 glasses of water before sitting down to a meal is a great idea, as you will eat less. In a study done in 2010, people who drank 2 glasses of water before eating consumed nearly 100 calories less in their meal! That is a lot of calories saved! Water keeps you hydrated as well. Sometimes when you feel hunger, it is really that you need water- people can be confused easily by this. Apples, watermelon and cucumbers all have high water content, and can be enjoyed as a delicious, hydrating snack.

Lemons reduce appetite

Lemons: If the Umeboshi plums are too adventurous for you, try some lemon juice! The sourness of a lemon can squash your craving for sweets. Lemons also contain pectin, a fiber that can slow digestion and aid in weight loss. You can squeeze some lemon in all that water you should be drinking!

Vegetable Soup to fill you up

Vegetable and Other soups: Soups are delicious and make you feel full quickly! If you are eating a broth based soup and not a high fat cream based one, they have minimal calories, too. Try a big bowl as a main course, or start your meal with a cup of soup. Studies prove if eat soup as an appetizer, you’ll eat less calories during your meal. Vegetable soups have nutrients and vitamins. A spicy soup will burn calories.

Dark Chocolate kills your hunger cravings

Dark Chocolate: Can’t break the habit of chocolate? You don’t have to! Try and acquire a tast for dark chocolate and savor a few pieces. It must have at least 70% cocoa. The bitter taste will lower your cravings as it signals the body to decrease your appetite. Try it with some black coffee to bring out its sweetness.

Reduce appetite with Tofu

Tofu: Not just for vegetarians and vegans, tofu is a protein that is plant based. Try it in a stir fry to add it to your diet. It has isoflavone and genistein, both shown to lower food intake and reduce hunger.

Natural appetite curber Wasabi

Wasabi: Another way to Get Spicy is eating wasabi! It is a natural anti-inflammatory and the spiciness suppresses the appetite. Eat it with sushi- healthy fish.

Green Tea helps to reduce feeling of hunger

Green Tea: Not a coffee drinker? Tired of all that water? Try Green Tea for a change! The catechins in green tee help slow the movement of glucose into fat cells, slowing blood sugar rise. It will help prevent high insulin and more fat storage. Your hunger is more stable when your blood sugar is stable. Drinking green tea can help you stop mindless snacking. It may also increase your levels of appetite relating hormones. Green tea tastes great and will help you lose weight.

Naturally suppress appetite with Oatmeal

Oatmeal: You probably didn’t expect oatmeal, did you? Your mother always said oatmeal was good for you and sticks to your ribs. She was right. The slow digesting carbs in steel cut and rolled oatmeal keep you feeling full for hours! Just a half a cup contains five grams of fiber! It Oatmeal can increase your body’s levels of appetite regulating hormone, cholecystokinin. You can make it with water or milk and add fruit and even a little shaved dark chocolate!

Use Vegetable Juice as an appetite suppressant

Vegetable Juice: Vegetable juice is a great way to get more vegetables in your diet. Especially when you get a juicer and do it at home! When drinking vegetable juice before a meal, they ended up consuming over 130 calories less! That is great appetite suppression. If you purchase your juice, make it low sodium and you will get less bloated.

Green Leafy Vegetable to suppress the feeling of being hungry

Green, leafy vegetables: Try a shredded kale and brussel sprout salad for your next lunch! Green leafy vegetables are highly nutritious and fill you up with their high water content and fiber. You can eat these greens raw or sautéed with some heart healthy olive oil. Kale, spinach and swiss chard are examples of leafy green vegetables.

Salmon to help feel full

Salmon: Salmon, tuna and herring are all high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help your body increase leptin in your system, a hormone that suppresses hunger.

Cinnamon - Tastes good and makes you not feel hungry

Cinnamon: Cinnamon, cloves and ginger help lower blood sugar levels and control your appetite! It is delicious over oatmeal and even on fruit and in coffee.

Feel full with Milk

Skim Milk: Women who drink skim milk or another dairy serving two weeks prior to their menstrual cycle significantly decrease craving for unhealthy junk foods and processed sugary carbs.

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce: The hotter the better- true for appetite suppression! Tabasco, cayenne pepper, other spicy peppers- sprinkle it on your foods. The spiciness helps you feel fuller longer and keeps you from overeating.

Flax seeds helps with suppressing your appetite

Flax and Chia Seeds: Flax seeds are a source of omega-6 fatty acids, soluble fiber and essential fatty acids. Use them ground or whole and you will feel fueled and full. Put them in smoothies, salads or yogurts. They have hunger satisfying fiber too. Omega-6 fatty acids also increase levels of cholecystokinin, an appetite suppressing hormone. Chia seeds, another nutritious seed, are a source of omega-3 fatty acid, protein and fiber. Chia seeds swell in water and can be used to swell and fill up your stomach. This theory of chia seeds hasn’t been studied much.

Salad to suppress hunger

Salads: Just like a small soup before a meal, a small salad before a meal can keep the hungry horrors away. Just a few cups of vegetables can signal your brain that your are getting calories and nutrition. It’s the perfect way to start a meal, since it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that it is full. Vegetables are full of nutrition, fiber and vitamins.

Mint to reduce appetite

Mint: Cut back from over snacking by smelling some mint? That’s right- the scent of mint is an appetite suppressant and it is calming! Try a mint scented candle or drink some mint tea!

Edamame reduce the feeling of having an appetite for some snack

Edamame: A half cup of edamame less than 100 calories! Edamame are full of protein and fiber- a great choice for snacking.

Yoghurt naturally helps to reduce hunger

Yogurt: Yogurt is an excellent source of protein and dairy. In addition, yogurt has fat burning potential! Yes- it helps burn fat! Choose a non-fat or low-fat Greet yogurt for added protein and less added sugar.

Green Beans

Beans: Looking to stay full? Low in calories and high in protein, beans are a great choice! You can even sneak some into smoothies and burgers.

Apple Cider Vinegar can help your eating habits

Apple Cider Vinegar: There are some people who swear by drinking apple cider vinegar every day to aid digestion. Studies say it can also keep you from feeling hungry by slowing stomach emptying. It will also lower the glycemic index of high carbohydrate foods like pasta. You feel fuller longer by making the glucose release slower into the bloodstream. You don’t have to drink it straight, you can incorporate it into salad dressings.