Perfect Keto Review


Perfect Keto is a ketone supplement designed for Ketosis users.  It comes with barebones ingredients and markets itself as one of the cleanest and smoothest Ketosis ketone supplements on the market.  Ketone supplements help boost the effects of Ketosis by generating more Ketones than the body can on its own naturally.


Perfect Keto contains Calcium, Magnesium, Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, and Stevia Leaf.

Calcium helps to support bone growth and density and is a known deficiency in many Ketosis diets.  If your Ketosis diet is low on dairy or other calcium sources, supplementing this mineral is essential.

Magnesium is one of the bodies essential electrolytes.  This electrolyte tends to become deficient in people as they take part in a Ketosis oriented diet.  Electrolytes are lost constantly, especially when your body is exercising at a higher rate than it is used to.  Increased water intake also causes your body to shed electrolytes faster.  Without replenishing the lost electrolytes, your body risks water intoxication, which in its earliest stages causes extreme fatigue, and in its latest stages can cause death.

Beta Hydroxybutyrate is a ketone produced in the body. It starts to show up in amounts at the beginning of the fasting process. The body uses to dissolve fats that are then converted into energy.  Increasing the amount of these ketones in the body during the Ketosis process can increase the effects of Ketosis and help you lose weight and fat content faster.

Citric Acid is found naturally in most citrus fruits.  It tends to be used as a form of bonding agent in the food world and probably acts to bind the other ingredients together.

Stevia Leaf is an artificial sweetener that has no carbohydrates.  This makes it paramount in being useable in a Ketosis diet.  The Ketosis diet eliminates carbohydrates from your diet, which eliminates many sweeteners, natural and artificial on the market.  Stevia is thought to be one of the healthier substitutes, but unfortunately still does cause a irritable bowels in a large amount of users.

How it helps with a Keto Diet

The Ketosis diet can lead to a significant level of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  A protein supplement helps build the bodies new energy source and redevelop the muscles that the user is trying to build up during their new diet. 

It also helps to refresh Magnesium and Calcium deficiencies that are common with Ketosis diets.  The minimal list of ingredients and lack of preservatives helps ensure that the protein goes down smooth with a natural flavor and the Stevia allows it to maintain a sweet taste without the carbohydrates associated with typical sugars.

What are the benefits?

Perfect Keto grants the user a boost in their typical ketones associated with Ketosis.  Beta Hydroxybutyrate are the first Ketones released in the system when fasting or on a Ketosis oriented diet. 

They assist the body in breaking down fat cells and converting them into energy.  Users will also find that the additional boost of magnesium and calcium will have them feeling better and recovering faster from their work outs.

Side Effects

The only side effects that one can expect to see from Perfect Keto on a general basis is some intestinal discomfort.  Stevia, like most artificial sweeteners, has a tendency to upset the bowels of many people and may cause diarrhea.  The additional Beta Hydroxybutyrate may also cause additional intestinal issues due to its capability to increase the bodies conversion of fat into energy.

Pros and Cons

Perfect Keto will no doubt increase the effectiveness of the Ketosis diet and help the body to maintain good metabolic levels.  It will also help maintain good recovery habits and help to keep the user from suffering from Magnesium or Calcium deficiencies. 

The only real downside to using this product is going to be the same issue that most people experience with supplements.  Every supplement on the market is putting excess of vitamins, minerals, etc. into your body, supplementing it, hence where the name comes from. 

The problem with this is that the body can only absorb and use so much, the rest is discarded as waste product.  When you are continually putting more into your body like this, you tend to cause intestinal discomfort as your digestive system tries to not only consume the excess, but purge what it can’t consume.


  • Has many of the essential vitamin supplements for a Ketosis diet
  • Boosts recovery efforts
  • Enhances the effects of the Ketosis diet for improved effects


  • Can cause intestinal distress
  • Can be expensive depending on budget
  • While beneficial, the benefits may not be fully recognizable

Conclusion – Does it really work?

Perfect Keto does exactly what it claims.  It boosts your Beta Hydroxybutyrate levels which boosts your metabolism of fat cells in order to create energy. 

This can help speed up weight loss and fat reduction, but with anything there isn’t a guarantee or a miracle drug.  The user is still going to have to stick to the Ketosis diet and work hard at their exercise regimen to see the results they want. 

However, Perfect Keto will make that journey easier and make the results come faster.